FASUG Application Development Day 2009

Track C Session 3

PHP: Further explorations
Jon Paris

PHP: Further explorations

In this session we will delve further into the world of PHP and the IBM i specific features Zend has added to the language. We will study sample PHP scripts that show how to integrate PHP with your existing programs and data. These will include:

  • A browser implementation of WRKSPLF that offers some features not found in the 5250 version.
  • A PHP script that utilizes RPG-like record level I/O but demonstrate a flexibility in their operation that goes way beyond what RPG can achieve.
We will also review the use of SQL within PHP scripts to access DB2 data, and introduce you to PHP frameworks that let you externalize your Web pages in a similar fashion to the way that DDS allows you to externalize 5250 screen layouts.

Web Page: Ashway Consulting, LLC.